Call for contributions. Priorities

1. Improving access to health
1.1 Working with communities to tailor practices and encourage their adoption
1.2 Microfinancing and micro insurance to improve community health coverage
1.3 The rise of telemedicine and its potential impact on practices
1.4 Epidemic emergencies: accelerating research to improve practices
1.5 Progress on the road to UHC
2. Reassessing needs and evaluating impact
2.1 Capacity building for impact assessment and evaluation
2.2 Outcomes from using digital technologies to improve data collection and sharing
2.3 Advancing electronic patient records and improving patient data collection
2.4 Evaluating the roles and responsibilities of mobile health technologies
2.5 Continuous learning cycles to evaluate and improve health benefits for communities
3. Planning and roadmap for action
3.1 Integrating country level experiences in creating health policy
3.2 Adapting practices to influence policy
3.3 The importance of global precision and tailoring approaches
3.4 Beyond pilotitis: taking health innovations to the national and cross border level
4. Implementing change
4.1 New actors in changing practices, including new roles for nurses and other health care professionals
4.2 Targeted implementation of new practices
4.3 Ethical, legal and equal rights considerations posed by new digital technologies and the collection and complex analysis of patient data
4.4 Improving training to implement new practices, ensuring their benefits
4.5 Elevating field experience and local outcomes to the global debate
5. Learning from experience to redesign health systems
5.1 Beneficial learning cycles from the patient to global health policy
5.2 The role of clinical research in learning global health systems
5.3 Listening to patient experiences and gathering needs from communities
5.4 Learning from our mistakes