Conference Series Restarts October 8

The Conference Series are jointly organized by the Institute of Global Health, the Geneva Health Forum and the Global Studies Institute in collaboration with SSPH +.

These monthly conferences take place at the Biotech Campus (Geneva) in the room h8_01_D from 12.15 to 13.15.

At each conference, an actor from the International Geneva, comes to present an innovative initiative in the field of global health.

The 2018/2019 season will begin on October 8th with the presentation of two international programs that have involved students of the Institute of Global Health in the summer of 2018:

21 days in the Amazon : A laboratory in anthropology for transdisciplinary collaboration

Johanna Gonçalves Martín
Institute of Area and Global Studies, EPFL
Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva

Program "Geneva Global": Experience from the Russian Arctic, July 2018

Arinze Awiligwe
Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva